50' 02' 02" N

125' 14' 39"W


8am - 5pm 7 days a week


Entering the Harbour

The Marina Office is located on Dock "K" which will be located on your PORT side upon entry. Do not exceed 3 knots while maneauving in the harbour. 

The Discovery Harbour Fuel Barge will be located at the BOW of your vessel upon entry.

Both the Marina & Fuel Barge monitor VHF Channel 66A 

Our call sign(s) are either:  "Discovery Harbour Marina" OR "Discovery Harbour Fuel Sales"


Boat Repairs

Major repairs on your boat and those involving dangerous substances, including chemicals and fuels are not permitted in the marina.

This inculdes but isn't limited to:

  • engine replacement
  • engine flush
  • fuel injections
  • fuel top-up
  • hull scraping
  • bottom paint

Work that is permitted is General light maintenance.

Such as:

  • sanding railings
  • varnishing and spot painting
  • deck and hull washing. 
  • radio/electronic repair

If you are unsure about the permissibility or safety of your repairs, please consult the Marina Office for details.


Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are between 10:00pm-7:00am. In consideration of others please try not to run loud equipment or make excessive noise during this time.

If you are arriving after hours and are unfamiiliar with your slip assignment, we have an after hours emergency phone operator who can assist you. Please dial 250-287-2614. Ext# 9.


Please ensure all dinghies, inflatable toys and other watercrafts are secured within your slip. Dingys are not permitted on the dock(s) and main walking areas.Ensure they do not block the path of other boats while on the water.

If your dinghy does not fit within your slip area, notify the Marina Office and we can make other arrangements.

Discovery Harbour Marina is located in Campbell River on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.